Stainless steel kitchenware how about maintenance?

Basically stainless steel kitchen cabinet itself has moisture-proof handle basic, but still a long row directly or flush against the cabinet to avoid damage due to moisture sheet, so the cabinet surface stained with water damage, it should immediately dishtowels dry. Daily cleaning with a slightly damp cloth to wipe, the case is more difficult to clean and can be neutral cleaning agents and scouring pads lightly. And regular maintenance can disinfect water with bleach and water, 1: 1 dilution wipe, pots and pans and other objects as much as possible to dry the dishes and then into the cabinet, while avoiding sharp objects directly scratching the surface, do not steel brush to wash. Switch door should not be too hard or over open angle (110 degrees), hinges and other metal parts, to avoid long-lasting water damage accumulates.
Countertop cleaning and maintenance focus, it can generally clean with a damp cloth, if available spots say soap water and mild detergent, avoid the use of strong chemical cleaning agents, when it comes to dirt may wish to use a bad stammer say soap Water, if it is matte surface, you can use scouring powder and scouring pads 3M (yellow) to draw Gently wipe the circumference, the same approach can be applied to the case be burning cigarettes. In addition, special attention to the need not to let careless chemicals, such as: a dye remover, pine oil, acetone and other direct contact with the table, or the wok directly put to the table, these actions will damage the countertop surface, it should be at the table insulation pads placed in order to avoid such a situation to produce. Although the table easily repair, but still on some operations should focus on matters such as the cut should be chopping stuff ready, do not cut food directly on the table. Finally, it should prevent all kinds of damage, so that as new kitchen forever.
Gas stove, range hood cleaning and maintenance
First, the gas stove: gas furnace cleaning and maintenance, can be said that the kitchen equipment in the most difficult and most important part. Weekdays shall immediately after use with neutral detergent countertops, avoid long-lasting accumulation dirty, difficult to clean later. Weekly Wipe and clean the furnace sensor bar and regularly with the wire brush to remove the carbide furnace mouth and stabbed through the fire hole. When the gas furnace to produce floating fire or fire, should be properly adjusted gas air flow regulator, in order to avoid a gas leak, but also regular inspections of gas hose is loose, cracks or leaks. In addition, from the gas stove and the windows of at least 30 cm or more, to avoid the strong winds blew out the fire, but safe from the gas stove and range hood and wall cabinet, compared with 60 to 75 cm.
Second, Hoods: Hoods in maintenance or repair required unplug the risk of electric shock. The best way is to maintain a dry cloth dampened in a mild detergent after use body shell on weekdays, when the collection cup of the oil pan or oil should be immediately drained eight full to avoid overflow, while regularly with a detergent and cleaning fan wall, with oil nets Hoods, the oil should be changed every two weeks net neutral detergent immersion cleaning cleaned once, as the switch and oil cup inner easy to plot the location of the oil, cover with plastic wrap can be used for future clean, Sri Lanka open as long as the direct replacement can be. Hoods clean little secret: Hoods refueling network, you can filter cut waste oil generator load reduction, but also to avoid the situation drip. When oil net, oil cup is dirty, use a mild cleaning vacuole 20 minutes, then rinse can be. Compare tenacious oil, you can add some ammonia soak for a while in the cleaning liquid that is easily removed. Easier In addition, the internal oil after washing cup, pour a little dish detergent dilution, it can make the next cleaning